31 May 2013

Some more ground and road optimisation. 

Deleted many 2x2m quad polygons from sidewalks and non driveable roads and created 4x4m. 
By doing this I have saved more than 6 thousands triangle polygons.This should give me some space for more smaller objects like lanterns,bus stops,trees,bushes and so on.
The optimisation is still not over, I want to save another several thousands of polygons in the future by minimising buildings and roads that dont need so much structure detail.  

 Polygon shots below of the whole track area.

 Also added new texture for trees area (below)
Oh, and don't worry about the trees.They will be done later.What I show now is just for alpha presentation.
The ground mesh (grass+roads+stairs+walls) is now 60500 triangle polygons.
Buildings are around 70000 triangle polygons.Although I will work on minimising around 10-20 thousands.
Soon we will make some rx fps tests and check what we have got so far.
But truly we will see how it works when all other models are in place.(again lanterns,etc.) 

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