10 April 2013


Just a few more screens of work in progress.We are still updating our texture atlas therefore some of the textures will be replaced and only serve now as a "dummy" textures.And of course the white polygons are not snow:)However maybe one day we will drive Magnolia Prologue during winter...:)

We are doing everything to make that track as realistic as possible.Its all maths in here.Heights and widths data was taken from the real geo-map of the terrain.Thanks to that we can be sure that our track is very close to a real one.And sorry google earth but your heights are useless and wrong in this case.

On the other hand 2d map from google earth was very useful to check if the track fits. And it does.
In most cases.Just a few minor corrections to the right cobble and it will be realistic.

Wait until you see it when it's done:0

 Something made that cobble to break and go up.Brake or swerve?It's your choice...

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