26 April 2013

Don't expect too much this month and the next as I have my last exams in college.
The only thing I can promise is that some time this year we will release Rally of Magnolia:The Prologue. 
It will be released for free, however we are looking forward for any donations, if people want to see more quality tracks in the future.We are planning to release reversed version as well.
We would hope to release at least 4 versions of this track.Basic,extended,basic reverse,and extended reverse.Hope we get enough slots for original format and that we will finally receive access to Wallaby (for now Martinez promised he will take care of this track in Wallaby).I have finally registered on http://rbr.onlineracing.cz/tracks/dlist.php?id=12 and hoping to get any reply from anyone that cares about real tracks.Cheers and see you on track.

Special Thanks for Rally Guru  (http://rallyguru-tracks.blogspot.ie/) for constant support and blender mentoring.

Below you can see few screenshots of blender WIP to give you a better feeling how its going to look.

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