15 March 2013


 Some progress on the crossroads,however still learning and this is not the end:) We have used 2 textures 2048x2048 to texture the approach and the crossroads itself.On the left side you can see there is no sidewalk, it will be done using UV.Also on the right side of the screen there is empty space for model.

The approach will have more arrows and stripes,this is only the transition from cobble to tarmac texture.
You can also see the model of a small tower that will be used.and some flying sign:)which will be put of course where it belongs.

Cobble to tarmac transition (upclose) with white kerbs and part of sidewalk.

Different view of the same transition.

We are currently gathering all neccessary textures and finalising works on the track profile.Soon we will progress to next stage of track building which is more fun and gives more results to please the eye.

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